Teeth Whitening With Zoom Technique

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Zoom technique for teeth whitening

Would you like to get back your pearly white color for your teeth? With advancements in technology, today, teeth whitening has become a quick, painless process to recover the original color of your teeth. Zoom is a blanching procedure broadly utilized to enhance the white color of your teeth for an alluring and brighter smile. This procedure is recommended for all those who have stained teeth and would like to recover their true color through a permanent solution.

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Our process:

  • Our process begins with a thorough dental consultation where our team discusses your treatment options.
  • We examine your smile in detail and decide which treatment will be best for you.
  • If your current examination makes you a good candidate, we proceed with the treatment.
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Our services

In this area, we offer zoom teeth whitening treatment with detailed consultation and planning.

The Zoom Whitening Procedure

  • Before choosing Zoom teeth whitening treatment, our dental practitioner will conduct an extensive examination of your teeth and gums to decide whether it s right for you. The examination allows your dentist to decide about the treatment materials that will fit your needs the best.
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  • The entire procedure takes around 60 minutes, and is carried on after a customary teeth cleaning, before the Zoom teeth whitening session.
  • We start with a cover up that masks the gums and lips, leaving only the teeth uncovered. The dental specialist then applies the Zoom hydrogen peroxide brightening gel, which cooperates with the Zoom light to enter the teeth and removes the staining. The gel stays set up for 15 minutes while the light is initiated.
  • The gel is gel is utilized for three 15-minute sessions of light initiation, for an aggregate treatment time of 45 minutes.
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Zoom Whitening Aftercare

  • You will be given a Zoom home-utilize touch-up unit that incorporates exceptionally fitted brightening plate. You will be required to utilize that touch-up unit as per the dental specialist’s instructions.
  • To retain the result of the whitening treatment, your dental practitioner may encourage you to stay away from specific drinks and food items, or expend them with some restraint to abstain from developing stains on your teeth.
  • Special whitening toothpastes may also be recommended to retain the effect of the treatment.
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Teeth Whitening With Zoom Technique