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Root Canal Treatment

Cheap Root Canal Treatment in Dubai and Sharjah- Al Mariffa Medical Center

Oral Problems begin from the inner surfaces of your teeth! Endodontics is the diagnosis and treatment of root infections that lie in the pulp of your teeth.

The root canal treatment performed at our dental clinic in Dubai and Sharjah eradicate any infection in the pulp, allowing you to have normal functioning tooth without pain.

Our expert dentist Dr. Ihab initially understands the anatomy of your tooth pulp and the myriad infections that may lead to pain due to those infections.

Our specialist, Dr. Ihab is equipped to handle Endodontic treatments to give you the desired result and oral health.

Visit us at our dental clinics in Dubai and Sharjah to eliminate the causes of infection that may turn into an adverse form of oral diseases.

Dr. Ihab- Expert Endodontist in Dubai- Al Mariffa Medical Center

Dr. Ihab- Expert Endodontist at Al Mariffa Medical Center