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Prosthodontic Treatments

We have one of Dubai’s highly qualified Prosthodontic specialists that provide most advanced form of restorative treatment and dental maintenance. Our specialists also perform specialized implantology and dental reconstruction to give you a perfect balance between esthetics, longevity and functionality.

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Our services

We offer the following Prosthodontic treatments:

  • Esthetic Reconstructive treatment: Our dental specialists help you restore your smile with comprehensive, advanced treatments for full or partial edentulous (which refers to the missing sections of teeth) with extensive implantology treatment. The reconstructive dentistry maximizes your chances to enhance the dental functionality and structure balance between the living bone and the implant.
  • Bonded restorations: Our bonded restorations offer the highest level of cosmetic dentistry for long lasting results to give you the best value for your money.
  • Dental crowns: We offer dental crowns (both ceramic and metal ceramic) and prosthetic teeth specifically designed to repair gaps, missing and damaged teeth. We prepare dental crown different materials, including metal and porcelain according to your preference and requirement.
  • Dental bridges: We design dental bridges to offer advance prosthodontic restorations for significantly misaligned and missing teeth. Based on your needs, we can help you fix your dental structure with tooth-supported or implant-supported bridge.
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  • Removable full dentures: With our removable full denture treatment you get full-mouth teeth replacements. This treatment is a best solution for edentulous people. This treatment gives you complete dentures to give you structural dental strength that helps with chewing and gives you an appealing smile.
  • Removable partial dentures: This treatment is designed for partially-edentulous patients who have supporting tissues to supplement the partial dentures.
  • Fixed Partial Dentures: This treatment is also referred to as the dental bridges. This treatment is specifically suitable for partially-edentulous patients.
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Is a removable replacement for missing tooth and surrounding tissues.

Types of dentures:

Complete Denture

Is a removable prosthesis that replaces all teeth within an arch.

Partial Denture

Consist of replacement teeth attached to pink or gum colored plastic bases on a metal frame work and close that connect to your teeth.

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Prosthodontic Treatment