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Orthodontic treatment

Teeth and jaw alignment can help you restore your beautiful smile for better self-esteem and confidence that helps you with your daily life. We are committed to help you be at your best with a perfect, well-aligned dental structure and a pearly white smile. Orthodontics procedures treat the development and alignment of teeth and jaws in adolescents and adults. Most common orthodontic treatments include rapid palate expander, dental braces and retainers.

Study of growth and development and it is concerned with the prevention and correction of malocclusion.

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Our services

We offer Orthodontics treatments for both adults and children. We recommend orthodontic treatments in an early age to avoid future damage to the dental structure. Our services and long term customer care entails:

  • Braces to reform the structure of the jaw and teeth for better alignment
  • Improved relationship of upper and lower jaw for better structure in the future
  • Improved facial appearance
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Types of Braces:

Ceramic braces

Are tooth colored braces that are used to straighten teeth are popular choice for teens and adults who wants to minimize the fact that they are wearing braces.

Metal braces

Are very strong and can withstand most types of daily interaction.

Self ligating brackets (Damon)

Is the latest in orthodontic technology. It is the absolute best orthodontic treatment that is available and all it is has to do with how the wire is held to the bracket slot.

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Clear aligners are virtually invisible and they are smooth, comfortable plastic aligners.

Lingual braces

A great aesthetic. A specialized dental braces that fits behind the teeth so that it is not visible when the wearer speaks or smile.

Facemask or reverse-pull headgear

Is an orthodontic appliance typically used in growing patients to correct under-bites (technically termed Class-III orthodontic problems) by pulling forward and assisting the growth of the upper jaw (maxilla), allowing it to catch up to the size of the lower jaw (mandible). Face masks or reverse-pull headgear needs to be worn between 12 to 22 hours per day, but typically 14 to 16 hours a day is effective in correcting the under-bite.

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Head Gear

Is used to correct anteroposterior discrepancies. It attaches to the braces via metal hooks or a facebow.


To preserve and stabilize your result from orthodontic treatment. It can be removable or permanent. Retainers are prescribed to maintain your healthy new smile.

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Orthodontic treatment

Dr. Mazin HAMMADI introduce invisible orthodontic treatment