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Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry refers to the dental procedures that are conducted with the help of lasers designed to make complex dental procedures painless. When used in different dental procedures, the laser is utilized as the cutting instrument or a vaporizer for the tissue. The laser delivers energy as a blue light that is utilized to strengthen tooth fillings, cut through soft and hard tissue during various dental surgical procedures.

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Soft-tissue Laser

Soft-tissue laser surgical procedure is an advanced domain of laser dentistry that focuses on vaporizing the soft dental tissue with high water content. The laser beam can also be utilized in a defocused mode where the intensity of the beam lessens or diminishes for cauterization of the lymphatics and blood vessels in order to decrease the post-surgery swelling.

Soft-tissue dental laser procedures do not require stitches or anesthesia, in some cases. The process significantly reduces bleeding as the light beam helps with coagulation, inhibiting bleeding. In addition, the high-energy light beam sterilizes the affected area to avoid any bacterial infections that may follow the surgery. The soft-tissue laser significantly minimizes damage to the surrounding tissues and helps with the regeneration process that speeds up healing.

The soft-tissue laser is utilized for myriad procedures including, but not limited to crown lengthening, gummy smile, muscle attachment (frenula) and soft tissue folds (epulis).

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Waterlase dental procedures are utilized to perform an array of dental surgical operations. The waterlase procedure includes a spray of water content to the incision area that conveniently allows the operator to control the procedure without the heat, pressure and vibration of the dental drill that is usually utilized in many procedures. With waterlase, dental surgeons can operate with little or no anesthetic.

Waterlase procedure is utilized for a plethora of dental procedures some of which include Gingivoplasty, Gingival incision, Hemostasis, Leukoplakia, Implant recovery, Oral papillectomies, Pulpotomy, Pulp extirpation, Operculectomy and abscesses (incision and drainage), to mention a few.

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Laser Treatments

Dr. Mazin HAMMADI using Waterlase ( the best laser machine in the field of Dentistry)

You know that you are between safe hands when three doctors and a well experienced assistant are around you during a dental service

Posted by Al Mariffa Medical Center on Monday, March 6, 2017