Looking to bridge a gap between your teeth or perhaps a cover up to mask dental flaws? We have a comprehensive solution!

Dental bridges and crowns are settled prosthetic dental gadgets used to alter and reshape damaged teeth. Dental crowns are essentially utilized to cover and reinforce a broken or chipped tooth; however, it can likewise be utilized to enhance the appearance of a tooth. We recommend porcelain crowns, mainly because the shading can be coordinated to the normal shade of your tooth to give a perfect, natural look. You can choose from gold, metal amalgams and acrylic crowns according to your preference.

Dental Bridges are mainly utilized to cover missing teeth with a specific end goal to keep encompassing teeth from moving or turning, which can affect chewing and bite significantly leading to TMD. Bridges are placed on your normal teeth and like crowns, come in two main materials, porcelain and ceramic.

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